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Do you want to set up your virtual office, and attach with your business anytime, anywhere? For that, Amazon Cloud services have an outstanding involvement in cloud computing. So, the reason behind, every small-scale business to enterprise level organizations are reducing the obstruction to initiate their product or foremost quality services online. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers consistent, flexible, and cost-efficient cloud computing resources on which you host your applications.

ieverware has an incredible experience in Amazon web development services. We understand the potential of flexible working decorum, and that's why offers cutting edge AWS development services. We have dedicated team having great expertise and innovative ideas in this arena.

Capability of AWS :



Assessment :

We employ our strategy team with experts certified in the AWS cloud. Typically ieverware congregate information about the modern IT environment and then offer options that are designed to help our client to renew their IT. We may suggest migrating applications to the public cloud, applying a DevOps Pipeline or continuing with the current IT infrastructure. We will align our recommendations with our business customer’s vision and their mission.


Managed Services :

ieverware offers Managed Services for your AWS Infrastructure and identified applications running in the AWS Cloud and we utilizes AWS tools and a global workforce to ensure system availability, performance, and fast problem resolution.


Optimized Cloud Services :

ieverware will assess your current AWS usage model and then suggest optimizations for both performance and cost. We will propose a combination of On Demand, Dedicated, Reserved instances that will be at best fit to meet your requirements at the lowest reasonable price.


Migration Services :

ieverware consultants will migrate applications from On-environment to the AWS Cloud. We use industry best exercise and automated accelerators to map and then move our customer's applications and their data to the cloud. Our source migration accelerator access a client's applications dependencies, compute, and storage, network, and security requirements. The information helps our customers to prioritize applications for migration. Our target migration accelerator generates AWS objects in the AWS Cloud and automates the migration of data.

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