DevOps is a new discipline that complements the Agile Delivery models for software engineering by bringing in Automation and Monitoring on the IT side and influences Cloud computing concepts. DevOps leverages collaboration, tool-chain pipelines, automation and Cloud adoption. The immediate benefits can be experienced as improved processes, more standardizations and building trust and improve productivity across development, QA and IT operations teams. DevOps is a modern way of working that combines different organizations, cultures, processes, and tools across the entire software delivery lifecycle in order to increase the efficiency of software development. In practice, it means automating the product development to the highest degree possible and cross boundary cooperation across different operational areas for reaching the set objectives. The DevOps development is conducted by utilizing agile software development methods like Agile and Lean.

With our DevOps consulting, we help large enterprises and startups align their Development and Operations to achieve higher efficiency, faster time to market and better quality of software builds with early identification of emerging issues, letting the code be in a releasable state always. Organizations today moving to digital world. Traditional software development often cannot keep up. DevOps helps Organizations accelerate software development and improve software quality. Earlier software infrastructure was more conventional towards operations for deployment and support. For resolving issues required numerous rounds of iterations between multiple Teams. With DevOps, software developers, infrastructure administrators, quality assurance and operations professionals collaborate early and often to anticipate potential problems and proactively incorporate feedback throughout the development cycle using an Enterprise DevOps Platform


DevOps as a Service

DevOps Assessment :

Our DevOps consulting services evaluate your DevOps practices, review your existing infrastructure, development pipeline, list down the redundant tasks and identify the right set of tools. Moreover, we develop an evaluation report outlining action points for automation, provide DevOps Quotient Scorecard and Continuous Delivery Roadmap.

DevOps Automation :

After auditing your existing setup and drawing the ideal workflows, we set-up and automate your continuous delivery Process. While automating the Process, we prevent risky deployment and increase productivity using our robust ecosystem of open source & licensed tools.

DevOps Management :

Apart from automating your processes, we help you to manage the health of your continuous delivery pipeline. We take care of release management, continuous deployment, replica environment, new server setup, and change management and performance optimization on an ongoing basis.

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